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Mainly used to drill flange, heat-exchanger, tube-sheet and the inner and outer ring of big slewing bearing ring.
This equipment is mainly bed and vertical slide, gantry and horizontal slide, the vertical ram drilling power head, chip conveyor, hydraulic systems, cooling systems, centralized lubrication systems, electrical systems, pneumatic systems and other components.
▲Precision spindle, igh speed drilling with slight milling function.

▲Directly transfer of CAD/CAM, automation and high precision can berealized.

▲Spindle box of the machine are adopted cast iron formed resin bondedsand process and reasonale layout of ribs to provide good stiffness andsteadiness.

▲Heavy-load linear roller guidepairs are equipped on two sides of the machine bed respectively. The longitudinalmovement of the gantry’s two sides is driven synchronously via AC servo motor.

▲The heavy spindle group with high quality adopted belt rollerprovides ultra-large torque output capacity.

▲Movable slides are equipped on the cross beam of gantry, the slidesare quided by two linear roller guide pairs and drven by AC servo motor andprecise balls crew pair of big pitch respectively.

▲Electrical systerms: it adopts Spainish FAGOR80TT CNCsysterm, equipped with RS232 interface and LCD screen. It can fuifill CAD/CAMdirectly transfer and also you can preview and re-check the hole positionbefore drilling. Operation is very easy.

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