CNC H Beam Drilling Mach

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This machine is composed of mainframe, hydraulic system, feeding conveyor unit & electrical control system etc.

▲ Equipped with three drilling spindles, the drillingprocess finished when the work piece going through the equipment.

▲ Three drilling spindles can drill holes simultaneously,equipped with self-controlled stroke drilling spindles.

▲ No need to set thickness of work piece and length ofdrills, with automatic speed converstion, high efficiency from rapid feeding towork feeding.

▲CNC & PLC control systems, CRT display, operatingsoftware based on WINDOWS platform, simply and con programming and visual preview.

▲ High-grade atomizing cooling system, prolong thedrill’s work life.

▲ Each drilling spindle, equipped with professionalgear-motor from famous products.

▲ Main primary hydraulic pressure, electric componentsare domestic and international famous products.

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Company: Jinan Supertime
Contact: Mr. Kevin Hou
Location: Jinan, Shandong, China


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