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This machine is used for punching, marking of connection plate on power-transmission tower and steel structure industry.

The stronger CNC HydraulicPunching and Marking Machine Piston fixed, cylinder movement, four-oriented,eight-oriented band, smooth motion, long-term stability of the working pressureto reduce the punching power during the partial load, the device greatlyimproved the stability and reliability.For long time using this machine,it cankeep high precision and long life.

work piece programcan be inputted manually, also can be created by lofting software automaticallyand then transmitted through USB or network, stimulant work piece graphics canbe displayed in order to make program checking more conveniently.

Manufacturingprocess can be monitored in real-time, including data of process, status of external switches, and theindication of malfunction diagnosing is perfect.

We provide anoptional drilling unit, which can compose a complex punching and drillingmachine, the rotate speed of principal spindle and in feeding speed can bestepless adjusted.

Self-correctinghydraulic clamp,Automaticallyadapts to the inequalities of workpiece, distance between two clamps can beadjusted to adapt to the size of workpiece.

High-poweredhydraulic system,system maintenance is convenient.

Accmulator, water-cooler orair-cooler, and indicating instruments for pressure, temperature, liquid-level.Adopting imported international famous brand of hydraulic solenoid valves.

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Company: Jinan Supertime
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