Emec Metering Pump

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Emec Metering Pump

A&S Pump Co.,Ltd provides all kinds of Emec Metering Pump, such as following series:

Emec Metering Pump AMS SERIES: CAPACITY 5-60 l/h, PRESSURE 2-25 bar
Digital control models: AMS MF, AMS PH, AMS RH
Manual control models: AMS CO PLUS, AMS CL PLUS, AMS PLUS

Emec Metering Pump KMS Series: CAPACITY 1-18 l/h,PRESSURE 2-20 bar

Emec Metering Pump TMS SERIES:PORTATA 5-100 l/h,PRESSURE 0-20 bar
Emec Metering Pump VMS SERIES: CAPACITY 0-17 l/h, PRESSURE 1-20 bar
Emec Metering Pump WDPHxx SERIES: CAPACITY 4-10 l/h ,PRESSURE < 3 bar
Emec Metering Pump WTC SERIES: CAPACITY 5-60 l/h, PRESSURE 2-25 bar

Emec Metering Pump TMS SERIES:
Wall mounted
Backlit LCD display
IP65 protection (NEMA4x)
Power supply: 230 VAC (190÷265 VAC) - 115 VAC (90÷135 VAC) - 24 VAC (20÷32 VAC) - 12 VDC (10÷16 VDC)
Working temperature: -10°C / +45°C (14°F / 113°F)
Dosing accuracy ± 2%
Legionella prevention
Cooling towers
Water treatment
Swimming pools
Industrial-level chemical dosing
Range: 5 - 100 l/hr
Pressure: 0 - 20 bar

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Location: Chengdu, Sichuan, China


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