Moving roller skids with crawler ty

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Moving roller skids with crawler type CT model
Steerable machinery skates with durable quality
Steerable machinery skates also know as three point machinery movers, adjustable machinery skates.
Steerable machinery skates capacity from 6 tons to more than 200 tons, with three parts, the head parts with operating bar, can turn direction easily, swiveled 270 degree maximum.
Three point machinery skates the wheels can be polyurethane wheels, nylon wheels and steel wheels as requirement. If the floor is cement material, polyurethane wheels and nylon wheels will no mark on it.
Moving roller skids with crawler type named CT crawler type roller skids, capacity from 3 tons to more than 1000 tons, can customized as requirement.
CT Crawler-type roller skate used on lots of areas. It is widely used on normal cement floor, building site,outdoors area and so on. This kinds of roller skids just can go straight.
Rotating moving dolly every wheels can swivel 360 degree maneuverability, rotating moving skates capacity from 2 tons to 30 tons one set.
Rotating moving dolly normally applied on moving and handling heavy duty loads in confined and narrow spaces.
Rotating moving roller skate is easy to change of direction, newly designed roller skates moves heavier loads safely and easily.
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