MiKaWa Magnetic Pump

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A&S Pump co.,Ltd is global supplier ,we can provide all kinds of Dayton Diaphragm pumps such as following series and models:

We supply MiKaWa MEF series magnetic pumps and ME series magnetic pumps.The models are as follows: ME/F-40,ME/F-55,ME/F-70,ME/F-100,ME-250,ME-251,ME-400,ME-401,ME-502,ME-503,ME-505,etc.

Please contact with us or search our company name A&S pump co.,Ltd,we will reply you immediately with better solution.

A&S pump co.,Ltd will be glad to cooperate with you.

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Company: A&S Pump Co.,Ltd
Contact: Ms. Annie Zhu
Location: Chengdu, Sichuan, China


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