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Sanso Magnetic Pump For Chemical and Sea water

A&S Pump Co.,Ltd can provide all kinds of Sanso Magnetic Pump, such as following series:
Sanso Magnetic Pump PMD Series, Sanso Magnetic Pump PMS Series,
Sanso Magnetic Pump PMDS Series, Sanso Magnetic Pump PMG Series,
Sanso Magnetic Pump PBM Series

The models are as follows:
Sanso Pump PMD-0311, Sanso Pump PMD-0411,
Sanso Pump PMD-0531, Sanso Pump PMD-211,
Sanso Pump PMD-111, Sanso Pump PMD-121,
Sanso Pump PMD-311, Sanso Pump PMD-25,
Sanso Pump PMD-411, Sanso Pump PMD-571,
Sanso Pump PMD-611, Sanso Pump PMD-613,
Sanso Pump PMD-331, Sanso Pump PMD-0531,
Sanso Pump PMD-421, Sanso Pump PMD-581,
Sanso Pump PMG-61A, Sanso PumpPMG-61B,
Sanso Pump PMG-71A,etc.

Excellent Characteristics:
* Endurance of shaft is much improvded because of being supported from both sides.
* Shaft can be changed individually
* SIC with excellent endurance is available, if required.

Back Casing:
* Special structure of rear casing and structure of impreller for preventing the retention is excellent against the air lock.

Exclusive motor(with terminal box)
This pump can be used in the chemical environment, becuase reinforced plastics is used for terminal box.

Impreller and magnet

Looose flange is used to be adjusted to the opposite side.

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