Watson-Marlow Peristaltic Pump

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Watson-Marlow Peristaltic Pump

A&S Pump Co.,Ltd provides all kinds of Watson-Marlow Peristaltic Pumps.

Watson-Marlow Peristaltic Pump: 100 Series, 200 Series, 300 Series, 500 Series, 600 Series, 700 Series, 800 Series, OEM Product Range, Qdos Series,etc.

Watson-Marlow 100 Series:
Flows 0.001 to 190 ml/min
Single or multi-channel
Manual or auto control

Multi channel cassette pumps - 205CA:
Manual and auto control
Up to 32 channels

530 process pumps for tube elements, up to 100psi:

Flow rates up to 7USGPH at 100psi peak pressure with 530 LoadSure elements
Precise 2200:1 speed control range
Colour display and intuitive menu structure
One minute maintenance

The models are as follows:
Watson-Marlow Peristaltic Pump Qdos 30 Watson-Marlow Peristaltic Pump Qdos 60,
Watson-Marlow Peristaltic Pump 720BN/RE/REX Watson-Marlow Peristaltic Pump 720UN/RE/REX,
Watson-Marlow Peristaltic Pump 720DuN/RE/REX Watson-Marlow Peristaltic Pump 701FB/RE,etc.

Watson-Marlow pumps bring you:

Accurate and repeatable flow rates

Contamination free pumping - ideal for shear-sensitive fluids, viscous sludges or slurries, and aggressive acids and caustics

Easy to install, operate and maintain

Virtually maintenance free - no expensive seals, valves, diaphragms or rotors to leak, clog or corrode

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Company: A&S Pump Co.,Ltd
Contact: Ms. Annie Zhu
Location: Chengdu, Sichuan, China


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