Milton Roy Metering Pump

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Milton Roy Metering Pump

A&S Pump Co.,Ltd provides all kinds of Milton Roy Metering Pumps, such as following series:

Milton Roy C Chemical/Metering Pump

Milton Roy Series P Chemical Metering Pump

Milton Roy G Metering Pump

Milton Roy B Chemical/Metering Pump

Milton Roy J5 Meteri

Milton Roy HH9 Metering Pump

Milton Roy E Metering Pump

Milton Roy LMI Metering Pump

Milton Roy ROYTRONIC Metering Pump

Milton Roy EXCEL AD Metering Pump

Milton Roy DSD Technology Metering Pump

MiltonRoy Centrac Metering Pump

Milton Roy MACROY Metering Pump

Milton Roy Metering Pump MilROYAL Pump


Adjustable stroke frequency and the flexibility of up to 1000:1 turndown ratio
Manually adjustable stroke length provides accurate pump output adjustment
NEMA 4X/IP65 enclosures for protection against corrosive environments
Time tested electronics for reliable, repeatable performance
Totally encapsulated electronics for protection against moisture and corrosive conditions
Inputs for low level switch available on certain models
Models with external pacing for flow proportional applications
Advanced control options for simplified system integration (pulse multiply/divide, 4-20 mA, remote on/off)
*UL, *CUL, NSF 50, NSF 61, *CE Certifications

Milton Roy dosing pump GM0010PR1MNN (Flow:9L/h, Pressure:12BAR)
Milton Roy dosing pump GB0080PP1MNN (Flow:82L/h, Pressure:10BAR)
Milton Roy dosing pump RB270S028X1MNN/Z (Flow:259L/h, Pressure:17BAR)
Spares options: Diaphragm components, Seal, One-way valve components, Foot valve, Injection valve, Valve seat, O ring, Screws, Rings, Outlet check valve

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