ELRO Peristaltic Pump

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ELRO Peristaltic Pump

Main application:
l Chemical industry
l Ceramic and porcelain industry
l Food and beverage industry
l Breweries
l Cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry
l Power stations
l Colour and painting industry
l Waste and disposal industry

A&S Pump Co.,Ltd supplies all kinds of ELRO Peristaltic Pump, such as following series:

ELRO Peristaltic Pump VIP Series
ELRO Peristaltic Pump XP Series:
Hose materials
Natural rubber (NR) - IP / XP
Natural rubber (NR) FDA - IP
Nitrile (NBR) - IP / XP
Nitrile (NBR/E) electrically
conductive - IP
Natural rubber (full fabric) - IP

ELRO Peristaltic Pump IP Serie

ELRO Peristaltic Pumps Series M300:
ELRO M300 series Peristaltic Pumps
were designed for safe, quick and mobile applications in the most varied industrial operating conditions. Over many years this unique, patented pump system has been and is successfully used world-wide for more and more new applications.

ELRO Peristaltic Pump T300 Series
ELRO Peristaltic Pump GUP 3-1,5 & GP20/10 Ex Series, etc.

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