A-RYUNG Coolant Pump Immersion Pump

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A&S Pump Co.,Ltd provides a wide range of A-RYUNG pumps, including models as follows:

A-RYUNG ASPK Coolant Pump,
A-RYUNG ACPQ-HSP Multistage Coolant Pump,
A-RYUNG ACP-MF(S) Coolant Pump,
A-RYUNG ACHK Coolant Pump,
A-RYUNG ACP-HMFC High Head Multi-staged Centrifugal Coolant Pump,
A-RYUNG ACP-HFS Coolant Pump,
A-RYUNG ACFS Coolant Pump,
A-RYUNG ACRK Coolant Pump,
A-RYUNG ACP-HF Coolant Pump,
A-RYUNG ACP-HMFS Multi-staged High Head Coolant Pump,
A-RYUNG T-Rotor Pump
A-RYUNG AMTP-HA Coolant Pump
A-RYUNG AMTP-CH Coolant Pump
A-RYUNG AMTP-216HA Coolant Pump

A-RYUNG Coolant&Cutting oil pump
A-RYUNG hydraulic & oil t-rotor pump
A-RYUNG grease lubrication pump
A-RYUNG serim screw pump
A-RYUNG high pressure coolant pump
A-RYUNG coolant pump immersion pump

Coolant Pump that is used for cutting procedure of machine tool is classified to submersible type(F-Type) and self priming type(A-Type).

Submersible type will be installed under the oil of tank and self priming type will be installed with piping to tank. Make sure to install chip screen to tank and, in case of A-type, pump should be fitted under oil level of the tank.

Since idling may cause failure of the mechanical seal, it should be fully filled with oil(oil priming).

T-rotor pump is one of the gear pump comprises a pair of inner and outer rotor contacting inside and outside and covers wide range from low to high rpm(500…3000RPM) since it rotates on one point contact rolling movement. And it's superior to other volumetric pump on high machine and volume efficiency and advantage in manufacturing price and productivity. It may applied to machine tool, locomotive, lubrication and hydraulic boiler, etc.

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