Jammer for LoJack, 4G and XM radio

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us has just released the newly designed JM132810 jammer that blocks LoJack, 4G and XM radio. JM132810 LoJack 4G XM Radio jammer is able to jam all signals on LoJack, 4G and XM radio frequencies. Due to having a built-in battery with huge capacity it can provide you with excellent protection for a long time. And the best thing is that you can use it when charging so you can get 24 hours protection for your home, office, car and other places with constant power supply.

At a glance...

Blockes XM radios, LoJack tracking devices and 4G signals
Jamming Range is 5- 15 meters
Easy to install and to use
Build-in high capacity battery with recharging status indicator
Generates RF signals that can’t be traced
Harmless to the health of human beings
Technical Specifications
Jamming Frequencies: 2320 – 2345 MHz, 2345 – 2400 MHz, 167 – 173 MHz
Blocking Range:5- 15 meters
Output Signal Strength: Total 900mw
Power Supply: 200 mA DC 12 V
Battery Specifications: 4600 mAh, (3 hours of operation, recharging takes up to 6 hours)
Impedance: 50 ohm
Size: 186 mm x 64 mm x 34 mm
Weight: 0.600 kg
Working Temperature: -10 C to +60 C

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Company: JammerGroup
Contact: Ms. Grace Lucy
Location: shenzhen, GuangDong, China


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