Injector of Yanmar diesel engines

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A&S Fuel Injection System provides injectors for Yanmar diesel engine models as follows:
S165L-HN injector, S165L-HT injector,
12AYM-WET injector, 12AYM-WGT injector, 12AYM-WST injector,
1GM10 injector, 2YM15 injector, 3JH5E injector,
3YM20 injector, 3YM30 injector, 3YM30AE injector,
4BY3-150 injector, 4BY3-150Z injector, 4BY3-180 injector, 4BY3-150Z injector,
4CHE3 injector, 3JH5 injector, 4JH110 injector, 4JH3-DTE injector, 4JH45 injector, 4JH4-TE injector, 4JH4-THE injector, 4JH57 injector, 4JH5E injector, 4JH80 injector, 4JH110 injector,
4LHA-DTP injector, 4LHA-HTP injector, 4LHA-STP injector,
6AYAM-ET injector, 6AYM-WET injector, 6AYM-WGT injector, 6AYM-WST injector,
6BY3-160 injector, 6BY3-220 injector, 6BY3-220Z injector, 6BY3-260 injector, 6BY3-220Z injector,
6CHE3 injector, 6CH-HTE3.

Brands we supply: Bosch Fuel Injector, Cummins fuel injector, Delphi fuel injector, Detroit fuel injector, Caterpillar fuel injector, Perkins fuel injector, Kubota fuel injector, Yanmar fuel injector, Mitsubishi fuel injector, Mercedes fuel injector, Isuzu fuel injector,ect.

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Company: A&S Fuel Injection System Company
Contact: Mr. Jasmine Cheng
Location: Chengdu, Sichuan, China


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