HV Rectifier Silicon Block

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Anshan Suly Electronics Co., Ltd. high voltage diode products are composed of multiple miniature P-N junction chips in series, which are the high voltage resistance layered modular constructions.
Product Features: High reverse breakdown voltage, low forward voltage drop, high current resistance, ultrafast recovery time, low leakage current, fitting into harsh working condition.
Low leakage,resistant to surge ,resistant to shock.
Great avalanche voltage breakdown protection features.
High heat resistance,PN junction temperature peak 150ÂșC
Environmentally friendly process,international standards
Using epoxy resin molding vacuum package, with corrosion resistant surface
l Microwave oven high voltage power supply
l Industrial and civil microwave power supply,
l Laser power supply
l X-ray
l Industrial CT
l High frequency machine
l Bent wood machine
l Other high voltage power supply

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Company: Anshan Suly Electronics Co., Ltd.
Contact: Ms. Connie Zhang
Location: Anshan, Liaoning, China


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