Suly 3-Phase Bridge Rectifier

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Anshan Suly Electronics Co., Ltd.
Hvdiode High Voltage Three Phase Rectifier Bridge
Products Features:
1. Various sizes are customizable, installation and wiring are easy
2. Low forward voltage drop, low leakage current
3. Avalanche breakdown protection
4. High surge current discharge impact
5. Junction temperature 150~175ÂșC, excellent high temperature performance
6. Epoxy package with anti-corrosion properties on surface
1. Electron accelerator high voltage device
2. Laser power supply
3. Medical equipment high voltage power supply
4. High frequency machine power supply
5. High voltage analyzer
6. DC high voltage generator and so on
Please feel free to contact Connie if you have any need of our hvdiode products.
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Company: Anshan Suly Electronics Co., Ltd.
Contact: Ms. Connie Zhang
Location: Anshan, Liaoning, China


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