2CL7X Series High Voltage Diode

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HV Diodes 2CL7X Series High Voltage Diode
1. Fast recovery time
2. Low forward voltage drop, low leakage current
3. Avalanche breakdown protection
4. Excellent resistance to CRT high voltage surge current discharge impact
5. Axial leading wires, and the pin is weldable
6. Epoxy package with anti-corrosion properties on surface
1. TV set/ display FBT
2. Negative-ion generator, laser power supply
3. Neon lamp power supply, voltage doubling piece
4. Ozonizer power supply, copying machine, medical and computer cathode-ray tube
5. DC high voltage generator and so on
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Company: Anshan Suly Electronics Co., Ltd.
Contact: Ms. Connie Zhang
Location: Anshan, Liaoning, China


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