Microwave Oven Rectifier Diode

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HV Diodes Microwave Oven Series High Voltage Diode
Product Data:
Repetitive peak reverse voltage:9 KV
Avg. forward rectified current: 350mA
Peak forward surge current: 20A
Peak forward voltage Max.: 11V
Max. reverse current: 2μA

Product Features:
1. Low leakage current, impact resistance, avalanche breakdown protection.
2. High-speed transfer switch reaction, reverse recovery time for 35 to 150nS.
3. High heat resistance, PN junction temperature up to 150ºC and junction temperature of special high heat chip up to 170ºC.
4. Environmental-friendly technology and complying with international standards.

Applications: Microwave oven high voltage power supply, Industrial and civil microwave power supply, laser power supply, X-ray, industrial CT and other high voltage power

Please feel free to contact Connie if you have any need of hvdiode rectifier products. We can also supply high quality customized rectifier products.

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Company: Anshan Suly Electronics Co., Ltd.
Contact: Ms. Connie Zhang
Location: Anshan, Liaoning, China


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