Mulitipurpose Weekly Digital Timer

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Mulitipurpose TM619 Weekly Timer is used whenever electrical equipment must be periodically switched on and off at preprogrammed daily or weekly times.The programmed evernts are then repeated during the next periods accordingly.They find broad application used in Solar, Gate, LED, Garden, Lighting and Feeder (especially DC type), also heating and refrigerating systems, boiler, overns, dryers, defrosting equipments,swimming pools, hatcheries,illumination,etc.

• 7 Days / 24 Hours programming timer
• 17 ON/OFF programs per day, 15 combinations to a week
• One channel, voltage-free output
• Accurate-to-the-minute control
• LED power ON/OFF indicators
• Easy to read high contrast digital LCD display
• Reset function and manual override
• Battery backup for power failiure
Height × Width × Depth:
• Product Size:60 × 60 × 34 mm

• Optional A: TM619-1 for 110 Vac and TM619-2 for 230 Vac,
TM619-3 for 24 Vdc/ac and TM619-4 for 12 Vdc/ac.
• Transparent flap (cover or lip) for waterproof and dustproof.
• Output: 16amp, SPDT @ 250Vac, volt-free output.
• Installation: panel mounted.

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