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we are manufacturer of floral foam products,including full set of machine equipment and technology.

1.Flower mud, also named floral foam, is a kind of flower arrangement supply made

from resin foam which can be cut into any size and shape as per actual requirement.

It's as light as sponge and as heavy as ice after water absorbing. Cut floral foam in

blocks with right size; put the floral foam into water to absorb enough water naturally

so that it can sink into water. Then take it out and place it in a box, and finally arrange

flowers. In this way, flowers can get fixed as well as Moisturized. Besides, flowers can be

inserted above / around floral foam. Thus floral foam has a bigger usable area and is more

agile and convenient than flower receptacles. It is necessary for Flower arrangement in our daily life.

2. Wet floral foam (For Fresh Flowers)

An opencelled phenolic foam that readily absorbs water and is used as a base for flower


Foliage green in color.

Holds about 40 times its weight in water.


size:23×11×8CM 11X11X 8CM 7.8 X 7.6X 6.4CM 55 X 32 X 46CM 46 X 11 X 8CM

Density: 11~ 14 lbs / sq. inch

Water absorption time : ABT. 1 minute (60 secs)

Dry brick weight : 50g(+/- 3g)

Wet brick weight : 2000g (+/- 15g)

Water drainage / leakage: 0g

Cell Structure: Fine

Brown water : No

PH level: PH 6.8~7

Water retain period: 7 days & above (Depend on the local climate)

Premium wet floral foam are available in customized shapes and sizes for your choice.

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Company: Hebei Huiya Floral Foam Special Equipmen
Contact: Ms. linda Jiang
Location: Dingzhou, Hebei, China


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