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About the Company
Zhongbo Green Technology Co.,Ltd was established in 1993 with 160 employees. with a largest and earlist kiwifruit planting base in China of 2000 acres founded in 1997, called "Central Winery", located in Yichang district, Hubei province, which is the birthplace of the world kiwi fruit. Awarded the "provincial modern agriculture demonstration base". And we also owned 700,000 acres of wild kiwi fruit growing resource. Brewing kiwi fruit wine for over 20 years. 23 years professionally R&D, Gained QS , ISO, HACCP, GAP and other certifications. The kiwi fruit is the king of fruit for its highest conprehensive nutrition. Human body can absord 20% of the nutrition when eating the fresh fruit. but can abord more than 90% from drinking the kiwi fruit wine. According to several trials, half an hour after drinking kiwi fruit wine, drunk driving can't be tested.

About the product
FREE SAMPLE jinzhuxia kiwi fruit wine with red label 750ml 12%ovl with gift packing 2 bottles one bag
1 VC content of 248.6 ~ 296.8 mg/100g, which is 10-12 times more than grape.
2 alcohol degree 12%vol;
3 single bottle capacity 750ml, 2 bottles/ 1 box
4 100% wild kiwi fruit juice.
5 Application: banquet, reception, party, daily drinking, gift...

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Company: Zhongbo Green Technology Co., Ltd
Contact: Ms. Jean Ruan
Location: Wuhan, Hubei, China


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