15g laundry liquid pod washing

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Soluble gel detergent laundry liquid pod
Laundry liquid pod is a relatively recent product innovation. This detergent form has been progressively introduced on the European market over the last decade. Now, laundry detergent pod is used daily by millions of people across Europe. Consumers experience the convenience of laundry detergent pod as their primary benefit.

2.Main Ingredients of detergent laundry pods
Soft water, natural spices, surface active agent, detergent additives, perfume
1).water soluble wrapper, easy to use
2).High concentrate, low foam
3).Fresh smell and long-lasting perfume
4).gentle to skin, can protect the color

3.Product Specification
Are you still upset with below problems below, when washing:1. Grass & Blood2. Food Stains 3. Grease & Oil4. Soil & Clay
now one innovative laundry items appear----- laundry pod
solve all your washing troubles. laundry liquid pod give you a new way and idea to bring you surprises:
1).Hyper-concentrated formula, long lasting whiteness
2).1 capsules=99 rose flowers essence
3).Deeply remove persistent stains, sterilize and deodorize
4).Less foam, easily to rinse up
5).Color protection effect, long lasting whiteness
6).Cute and stretchy appearance, phosphate-free formula and time saving
7).Protect fabric from damage

4.Using instructions:
1 Place one laundry pod into the water, don't need to cut off
2 Wait 30 seconds to 1 minutes for the laundry pod melt
3 Start to wash by machine or hand

1. OEM, ODM are welcome.
Customer could use own private brand with our products. If customer need to choose our brand, our professional design team will according to the bottle shape to design your logo image, packing and carton shipping mark. Our research team will research new formula for your target market requirement.

2.Free sample is available.
Generally we provide free samples for our customer to test the quality, while our customer need to afford express charge of the samples. However if customer’s requirement target samples need new mold, please kindly afford the mold charge. The cost will be return back to you as soon as you confirm the orders.

3. Welcome to visit our company.
When our customer arrange to visit our company, we would discuss with our customer’s accommodation requirement and book hotel with them in advance. We will pick up our customer when they arrived in. We also bring our customers back to the airport.
4. After-service
1). We will track on time and tell your goods situation when the goods are in production and after delivery,
2). When the goods arrived, if there is any quality questions, please feel free to contact us at once, we would solve it with you.
3).We will check and answer you email everyday even on weekend or holiday.

1. How about the weight of each sachet?
It is 10-30gram for each sachet.
2. What color of laundry capsule for choose?
We can offer blue, green, red... and also can be customized.
3. Can you offer the packing artwork design with free of charge?
Yes. We have professional designer who can help you design the packing artwork with free charge.
1.Suitable for cotton, linen, polyester and mixture of those fabrics.
2.Don't use for silk or wool cloths.
3.Seperate colored clothes from white and wash them in different basins.
4.Keep the product in dry place and out of reach of children.
5.In case of eye contact, flush with plenty of water.
6.If swallowed, drink plenty of clean water or milk and seek medical advice.

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