Styrofoam Cutter Styrocut Hot Knife

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Foam Cutting Tool
Item: HS-15
1) Voltage: 110-120V/60HZ
2) Power: 150W
3) Adapted Blade: 4” blade/6” blade/300mm folded blade to bend kinds shapes(100-230mm effective cut)
4) It could adjust temperature according to your demand and improve efficiency. Max temperature: 600. Blade is NI-GE steel, stable and high temperature.
5) Accessories: Wrench/Brush/Plastic or Al Box /Groove plate/Assist guider
1) Supply OEM & Custom Service
2) One Warranty
3) Apply For Kinds Of Certification
4) Sample Available To Test

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Company: Suzhou Torch International Trade Co.Ltd
Contact: Ms. Yoki J.
Location: Suzhou, Ji, China


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