Liquid Silicone Rubber/RTV-2

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Place of Origin:Guangdong,China (Mainland)
Brand Name:XRSIL silicone
Model Number:XRSIL-A230
Viscosity:25000±2000 cps
Mix ratio:100:2
Pot life:30-40 mins
Curing time:4-6 hours
Hardness:30 shore a
Tensile strength:3.8 mpa
Tear Strength:30N/mm

Packaging & Delivery;

Packaging Details:
20kg/drum, 25kg/drum or 200kg/drum;
Delivery Detail:
3-5 days after receiving payment notice

Product Description:

RTV-2 Silicone is a two-component material, and the silicone rubber includes Part A base silicone and Part B curing agent. The Part A base silicone and Part B curing agent can cure at room temperature by a condensation reaction.

Product Applications:

RTV-2 Silicone are suited for reproduction of cement molding, concrete stones, artificial stones, plaster molding, figures, art objects, decoration molding, GRC products, gypsum products, resin products, PU molds. etc.

Product Features:

1. Good flow ability and long working time
2. Medium hardness
3. High tear and tensile strength
4. Easy de-mould from complex replica parts
5. Acid and alkali-resistance
6. Low linear shrinkage

Storage & Shelf life:

When the silicone rubber is stored at or below 30 centi degree in the original unopened containers, Silicone Base and Curing agent have a usable life of 10 months from the date of production. After 10 months stockpiles use the Stir to mix the Part A silicone for some minutes, then the silicone can be use again, no influence for other performance.

Using Instruction:

1-Take 100g of part A and add 2g of part B and mix the silicone rubber and curing agent evenly.

2-vacuum pumping
Without exception, this step takes less than 10 minutes. Otherwise, it will cause , and no more further steps will be available

3-Pouring mold or block mold of silicone rubber
The pouring way is an easy way to make molds, it's slowly and evenly pour into the mixed silicon rubber into the square frame. After the cross linking reaction.

We are manufacturer,and specialized in manufacturing different hardness,different viscosity silicone rubber series,we are competitive in price with good quality.

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Company: Dongguan Xinrun Silicone New Materials C
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