Polarizer Laminating M/C XCP65-T3

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1. The machine is used for laminating polarizer to various LCD and laminating process of other panel products (soft to hard).
2. It widely used in laminating process and maintenance of large-size LCD, touch screen and all kinds of large-size glasses. Polarizer feeding methods: coil or sheet material.

1. Inspection lamp of foreign body is convenient to inspect the foreign body, making laminating and cleaning work at the same time.
2. Group of laminating rollers is made by anti-static, high thickness and high fixable material to ensure that bubble-free in products.
3. Steel tube and guide rail transmission gear in the structure of roller make it simple and strong.
4. Switches are set on the side for easy operating, emergency protect system ensure safety operation.
5. Oil-water separator can separate the water and the impurities more effective.
6. Leveraged structure of pressure head can adjust the distance between pressure head and platform.

Basic Parameter:
Input Power: AC220V 50-60Hz
Vacuum Processing: external vacuum
Rated Power: 1.75KW
Pressure Adjusting: Pointer instrument
Dimension: L2300*W1200*H1180mm
Controlling Program: Local PLC
Working Pressure: 0.4-0.8mpa
Method of Laminating: Rectilinear laminating
Available Size: Within 65 inches (can be customized)
Material of Machine: Steel

Dust-free cloth, Tape, Ethanol


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