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Automatic weighing and down/fiber filling machine
SCM-2P is a smaller mode of automatic weighing down/fiber filling machine, which have been widely used in down jacket production.
If you want to improve filling efficiency, get higher filling quality . Our machine can help you and even more
As following is our product's basic data:
Model No.:SCM-2P
Voltage:380V 50/60Hz
Power Filling Machine:2.0kW
Air compressor:5.5 kW
Filling Material:Ball Fiber/cotton staple hand
Min Operating Air Pressure:0.58 MPa
Filling Speed:4-8 g/s(adjustable)
Weighing Ability:0.1-40g
Filling Port:2 Pcs
Filling Accuracy:± 0.3g
Efficiency:2~4 times than manual
Down Storage Volume:5KGS
Min Operating Space Size:5*3 m
Our advantages:
1.The display accuracy is 0.1g that means save more materials;
2.The power is 2.0kw and compared with old machine it will save more electric;
3.Ball Fiber is Circulated in a closed environment, it improves the environment of work place;
4.The operation is simple and one filling machine’s efficiency is equaled 3-4 skilled workers;
5.Good stability ,the key components of filling machine are imported ;
6.Using air pressure to fill, which prevent down/fiber to be damaged in filling process
7.OEC service can satisfy customers more
Our details:
1.patent design makes filling freely for both breathable fabric and non-breathable fabric. And also prevent down going out from the stitches.
2.Advanced suction device can adsorb feather to improve the environment of work place .
3.380v valternating current was approved by CE, it  ensures safety.
4.Down filling machine have automatic warning system. It will reminds operator if the machine does not work properly.
5. Two scales on each side are out of feather in turns and it improves the efficiency of making down/fiber clothing.
6.The touch screen which can save up to 10000 data enable both single quantity filling and multiple quantity filling
7.Filling port: patent design makes filling freely for both breathable fabric and non-breathable fabric. And also prevent down/fiber going out from the stitches.
Working Principle:High-pressure air is used to absorb the ball fiber through the automatic weighing device and to fill the panel with a preset weight of fiber.
Buyer Feedback:We Receive One Hundred Percent Of Good Feedback From Our Clients
Our Services
After-sale Service:
1.Main parts apply SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER, DELTA, could live long. And the quality is reliable and stable.
2.High quality, low maintenance rate
3.Make each part standard, could change for you easily
4.Technicians help setting up and training workers till they could operate well
Warranty:One year, easy-wear parts are excluded.
Package: Polywood Packing
One set is in two Boxes.
Main box:2337*1010*2220mm
Weighing box:1637*1257*2175mm

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