Fulvic acid

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We are manufacturer of supplying different types of organic fertilizer including humic acid,potassium humate,sodium humate and fulvic acid etc.

Our Soluble Fulvic Acid is derived from plants with a high content of organic fulvic acid.Its chelating effect,physiological and biological activity gives the plant much needed stimulation especially through the roots.While the calcium precipitates in the presence of humic acids,it remains in the solution when Fulvic Acids are present,therefore it is highly recommended for fertigation in the presence of hard waters.

Appearance:Brown yellow powder
Size:200 mesh
Fulvic acid:30%min
Water Solubility:99%min

Benefits include:

1.Accelerates the production of nucleic acids

2.Enhances photosynthesis and respiration

3.Increases cationic exchange

Packaging: 20kg/bag or 1000kg super sacks
Custom packaging for Fulvic Acid is based on quantity

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Company: Ganzhou Green Top Biological Technology
Contact: Ms. Anna Huang
Location: Ganzhou, Jiangxi, China


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