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Wood Shavings Bedding Baling System

Rice Husk Bagging Baler Machine

Horse Bedding And Chicken Breeding Baling No 1 Choice!

HBA-B is the most successful and 100% automatic balers in ENERPAT HBA Horizontal Balers family.comes with conveyor feeding,manual plastic bag sealing system,automatic ejector,wood shavings full of hopper,conveyor stop working all these unique features makes HBA-B60 proud in the Enerpat horizontal balers ranges

Press force (t) 60
Bale Size(mm) 600x 400x 300mm
Motor (kW) 18.5
Bale Weight(Wood Shavings) 15-20
Bale Weight( Rice Husk) 20-25
Throughput ( Wood Shavings) 1.5T
Throughput ( Rice Husk) 2.0T
Bales Per Hour 80-85
Machine Length (mm) 2370
Machine Width (mm) 3050
Machine Height (mm) 2000
Machine Weight (t) 2.0
Container Loading One 20HQ Container

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Company: Enerpat Machine Co., Ltd
Contact: Ms. Dacy Zhang
Location: Nantong, Jiangsu, China


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