Marble Look Self Adhesive PVC Vinyl

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People usually call PVC in a more familiar way as "vinyl". This synthetic compound is essentially a plastic made from a combination of carbon, hydrogen and chloride. PVC is a 100% recyclable product that requires minimal energy and natural resources to produce, and it creates a softer floor than hardwood or tile, making it more resistant to dents and scratches. Flooring made of PVC is also flame-resistant, which adds a layer of fire protection to homes. In addition, PVC flooring is highly customizable, durable and water-resistant. Available in tiles, rolls and interlocking panels, PVC flooring is also much easier for do-it-yourself installers than many other types of flooring.

The numerous advantages of UNYUIN flooring:
-Excellent value for money
-Environment friendly
-Easy installation, maintenance and clean
-Excellent electrostatic properties
-High level of fire and sound proofing
-Additional functions such as heating and ventilation
We also provide OEM /ODM products other than UNYUIN brand. 

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Company: Muyun Shanghai International Trade Co.,
Contact: Mr. Kevin Yang
Location: Shanghai, Shanghai, China


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