Down feather jacket filling machine

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Down feather jacket filling machine

Function: machine for goose or duck down feather filling for jacket, garment, sleeping bag etc.
High efficient & labour saving: 2-4 times faster than manual work, 2 workers can support 5-7 assembly lines.
Accurate quantitative precision: non-contact weighing method, highest precision of single down filling can reach 0.01g.
Capable for large and small lattice panels: 0.2-32g
Healthy & environment-friendly: Dust-removal system & recycle down
Patented design of down outlet: easy for breathable & non-breathable fabrics.
Friendly touch screen: data storage, data revision, on-time insight.
Fully automatic & No need skilled labor.


Working Principle: High-pressure air is used to absorb down through the automatic weighing system,and to fill the panel with preset weight of down.
Scope of Aplication: It is applied in down garments manufacturers' filling process, and is applicable to 90,80,70,60 and 50 down.
Filling Port: Two under independent operation. Each panel piece can be set to 100 grid grams. It can save up to 100 sets of data for different panels.
Filling Speed:1 g/s~8g/s(adjustable)
Down mixture: 90,80,70,60,50 down,dry
Accuracy for one whole jacket: ±3%(90 down under standard environment testing)

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Company: Qingdao Tokays Machinery Co., Ltd
Contact: Ms. Ican Ican
Location: Qingdao, Shandong, China


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