Die Spotting Hydraulic Press

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Die Spotting Hydraulic Press

SAMPLE MACHINE is avaliable for you check and test in India,Portugal,Germany,Thailand,Mexico,Argentina.

70T,100T,160T,200T,300T,350T,400T,500T,528T,600T for your reference and all can custom made according to your needs.

Performance features:
A.Using 4-pillar and 4-column constructionsg high tensile pillar to provide higher accuracy and convenient platen level adjustment
b.Using PLC controller and all parameters can be set by SIEMENS touch screen
c.Using multiple mold clamping cylinder to stress even when high pressure
d.Using quick cylinder device to speed up the null stroke, save energy
e.Using anti-dropping,safety device , more safety
f.Using oil-free-lubrication to make machine cleaner and environmentally friendly
g.Providing failure detection and alarm , lower pressure mold protection
h.High precision lifting device and shift out device

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Company: Ningbo Shunxingkaihao Machinery Co., ltd
Contact: Ms. Nice Wang
Location: Ningbo, Zhejiang, China


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