FDT-0281closed cup flash point test

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Trace automatic closed cup flash point tester instrument is based on ASTM D6450, D7094, SH / T 0768-2005 standard design and manufacture. Fully automated test process, the test sample in a closed chamber for testing, no fire safety, and avoid outside interference and bad odor, high efficiency heating, cooling modules can be quickly and accurately, continuous test sample.
1, automatic barometric pressure correction for improved flash point test accuracy;
2, built-in cooling module that allows the specimen cup rapidly reduced to ambient temperature, remove the sample cup and the sample loading and cleaning very easy;
3, automatic correction of atmospheric pressure and calculated correction value;
4, portable dual-use design, suitable for laboratory, field testing;
5, touch screen, easy to operate Chinese menu;
Technical Parameters
1, temperature range: room temperature ~ 300 ℃
2, temperature accuracy: 0.1 ℃
3, test time: 3-5min
4, the amount of the sample: 1ml, 2ml
5, ignition: Arc Ignition
6, data storage: more than 1000 measurements.
7, Interface: computers, printers.
8, Power: 200 V / 230V AC, 50Hz, 65W; vehicle: 12V / 8A DC
9, Size: 196x315x175mm
10, Weight: 8kg

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Company: Changsha Friend Experimental Analysis In
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