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About us
Activity Sourcing, as an intelligent eco-platform, combining Internet, artificial intelligence as well as a new type of technology called pervasive computing, is aiming to activated human intelligent lifestyle. Relying on the Internet of Thing, supported by Cloud computing, transducer and data networking at the same time, the concept of “Wise life” is proposed by Activity Sourcing. In order to intelligentialized the human daily life, AS Co., Ltd. developed a series of products, such as intelligent hotels and schools, smart home, wearing, office and district as well.
Smart Hotel
In the field of smart hotels, AS Co., Ltd. has been offering solution to a number of top hotel management companies, which includes ManNide Hotel Group, Kaiyang International Hotel Group, Jinjiang Intl. and so on. Besides, AS Co., Ltd provides the intelligent control system to more than 50 five-star hotels at home and abroad. By an original modular design, under the premise to ensuring the system stability and high-efficiency, smart hotel solution helps to reduce the operation and maintenance cost significantly. Meanwhile, smart Hotel system incorporates the control of Wechat and icloud is greatly improved the customer experience and satisfaction.
Smart Home
Activity Sourcing smart home system is essential to modern intelligent life. By the specially optimization, you could easily install this equipment to anywhere inconspicuous. In addition, control panel in a variety of rich colors, different styles and fabrics which could be used with any decoration. What’s more, the owner could clearly feel the convenience, safety and benefits brought by this system.
Just a click, your home is under your control anywhere, anytime.
Feeling the allure of the intelligent in Guanghzou
Activity Sourcing will attend to the 15th International Hospitality Supplies Fair, which will be help in the China Import & Export Fair Complex. We’ll waiting for you in Hall 4.1-Booth 079-80*118-119.

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Company: Hosfair
Contact: Ms. Yvonne Lin
Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong, China


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