Nickel base alloy lined pipe

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Nickel matrix, can resistant corrosion in some medium, called the nickel-based corrosion resistant alloy.
The main alloying elements of nickel-based alloys are copper、 chromium and molybdenum. It has a good overall performance, resistance to various acid corrosion and stress corrosion. The first application (1905 US production) is a nickel-copper (Ni-Cu) alloy, also known as Monel (Monel alloy Ni70Cu30). There are also nickel-chromium (Ni-Cr) alloys (nickel-based heat-resistant alloy), nickel-molybdenum (Ni-Mo) alloys (mainly refers Hastelloy B series), nickel chromium-molybdenum (Ni-Cr-Mo) alloys (mainly refers Hastelloy C series) and the like. At the same time, pure nickel is a typical representative of nickel based corrosion resistant alloys. These nickel-based corrosion resistant alloy is mainly used in the manufacture of petroleum, chemical, power and other corrosion-resistant components of the environment.

Subsea Pipeline
Offshore Oil & Gas pipeline
Onshore Oil & Gas pipeline
Oil Refining & Petrochemical pipeline
Power Plant pipeline
Environmental Protection & Sewage Treatment

Outer Diameter(mm): 20~1420
Wall thickness(mm):Outer backing pipe 2.5~50;Liner steel pipe 0.25~7
Composite Standard: API-5LD; DNV-OS-F101; DEP; CJ/T192;
Packing: In bulk or according to customers’ requirements

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