3D Printing Lock Service

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3D Printing Lock Service in China: 3D Printing Lock Service within One Hour, 0.002 Inch Accuracy, Exclude Design Flaws, for Lock Parts.
In order to improve our efficiency for our customer, Junying is going to provide 3D printing service. The lock cylinders above were made by 3D printing techology based on our customer's drawing. The dark one is zinc alloy sample.

The white one: the accuracy is 0.002 inch, the printing time is one hour, which can quickly provide assembly test for customers with no design flaws.
The dark one: the accuracy can achieve 0.002 inch after several times adjustment, the printing time is 30 days.

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Company: China Topper Aluminum Die Casting Compan
Contact: Mr. Jeasin Huang
Location: Dongguan, Guangdong, China


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