Carbon fiber windsurfing mast

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1. Specifications:
CNER is able to provide an extensive range of high performance, light weight composite tubing for use in a wide variety of industries and applications.

Our assortment of composite tubes are manufactured through roll wrapping process in the most popular composite materials such as carbon fiber, fiberglass, and Kevlar®.
Available in standard and custom sizes, our composite tubes exhibit outstanding strength, durability, lightweight and rigidity.

They deliver excellent tensile strength characteristics compared to conventional structural metals (such as steel and aluminum), and are a first choice in a variety of performance applications.

2.Product Description

CNER Windsurf masts are the best masts we have ever produced. They are beautifully balanced, lightweight with crisp clean actions that provide both industry leading handling and reflex characteristics. They are also phenomenally strong thanks to the revolutionary nature of our new material.


The key elements to consider when choosing a mast are:
1. Bend Curve
2. Stiffness
3. Carbon Content

1. BEND CURVE: Constant curve, flex top, hard top


The IMCS mast stiffness is related to how your mast bends under load. A lower stiffness results in a softer mast.

Normally the Bend Curve value is rated between 6 and 20.

Most mast manufacturers adhere to the more or less normalized mast length-related stiffness. E.g., 400 masts are often rated at 19 IMCS, 430s as 21, 460s as 25 and 490s at 29.

Normally the carbon contents of masts varies between 30% and 100%. The higher the carbon content the more responsive and crisp your rig will feel.

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