Carbon fibre gutter cleaning pole

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At CNER, We now offer multi-function industrial vacuum systems which can be built to CNER or custom specifications. One ideal use for vacuum system is cleaning gutters.

Why a gutter vacuum cleaning system?

It is important for property owners to regularly have their gutters cleaned to prevent damage to roofs and structures. Manual gutter cleaning can be dangerous and messy.

Gutter vacuums permanently remove leaves, needles, dirt, and debris, and collect the litter in a large drum. This process creates no unwanted mess or water waste. The debris can be removed off-site, a selling point for your gutter vacuum cleaning services.

Fully Certified by Element
100% Carbon Fibre sections
Super lightweight super strong cabron fiber construction

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Company: Cner Advanced Materials Co., Ltd
Contact: Mrs. Betty Sun
Location: Zibo, Shandong, China


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