30KW Industrial Homogenizer Mixer

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Item Specifics:
Machine Type: Emulsifier Material: 304(L) or 316(L)
Brand Name: KOS Power: Electric
Model Number: KOS-220 Application: Daily Chemicals
Voltage: 380V/220V Detailed Application: Toothpastes
Motor Power: 30KW IS-Customed: Yes

Product Description:

High shear mixer disperses one phase or ingredient (liquid, solid, gas) into a main continuous phase (liquid), with which it would normally be immiscible. A rotor together with a stator is used either in a tank containing the solution to be mixed, or in a pipe through which the solution passes, to create shear. The products could be widely applied in cosmetics, food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, paint& ink industry etc. Four types of different stators are suited to different working conditions.


Pollution-free to materials;

Good and stable emulsions and shear performance;

Lower energy consumption;

All wetted parts are grade 304 or 316 stainless steel;

Quick opening for easy cleaning;

Mechanical seal for sanitary operation;


Toothpastes are generally either white abrasive pastes or clear gels. Aeration is a major problem in toothpaste manufacture. The high shear mixing action of a KOS rotor/stator mixer can minimize aeration and greatly improve product quality, consistency and stability.

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