HC1700 Grinding Mill Raymond Mill

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Max feeding size: 30mm
Capacity: 6-25t/h
Fineness: 0.18-0.038mm
HC1700 Grinding Mill is a newly developed large-scale mill by Guilin Hongcheng. The equipment referenced the operating principle of pendulum mill and improved the swinging method. With out changing other parameter, the centrifugal grinding pressure increased about 35%. The contact area of roller and ring is improved, the output has 2.5 to 4 times higher than traditional R mills. Applied constraint turbine classifier, production fineness can be adjusted around 0.18-0.022mm (80-600 mesh). At the same time, gearing device and roller assembly sealing are also improved to increase operational reliability and to offer an easier maintenance. HC1700 has the advantages of high capacity, high efficiency, low investment and operation cost and low pollution, it is the best choice of large-scale powder processing.

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Company: Gui Lin hongcheng
Contact: Mr. xiongli qu
Location: Guangxi Guilin, , China


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