Safe N-100FDG-S Digital Safe

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Safe N-100FDG-S Digital Safe
N-100FDG-S 1000mm*470mm*420mm
Brand: Junba
Model: N-100FDG-S
Grade: Normal grade
Protection: without fireproof
Mix Offer: 5000 pcs/month
1) Material
- low-carbon alloy steel plate
- high-quality steel parts
- non-toxic plastic parts
2) Process
- laser cutting
- one-step forming by cold bending
- phosphating antisepsis and plastic spraying
3) Lock
- mechanical lock
- digital smart lock (default fitting)
- biometric smart lock
4) Size & Weight
- External size: 800mm*470mm*420mm
- Internal size: 335mm*460mm*320mm (upper) & 520mm*460mm*320mm (lower)
- Net weight: 120±2kg
5) Thickness
- body 5mm
- door 10mm
6) Common color
- white
- golden
- black
- bronze
7) Application
- Indoor: family, hotel, office, workshop, apartment, classroom, laboratory, bank, etc.
- Transportation facilities: car, train, plane and even spaceship, etc.
8) Accessory
- 2 expansion anchor bolts for fitting safes on the wall
- emergency external power supply unit (only for electronic ones)
- 4 AA batteries (only for electronic ones)
9) Standard option:
- Custom Silk screen logo: Please contact us for MOQ and additional cost.
- Please contact us if you have other needs.

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Company: Hebei Junba Safe Co.,LTD
Contact: Mr. Yongliang Zhang
Location: Hengshui, Hebei, China


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